After many hours of debugging of our OUYA port I found the very sneaky bug that’s been bugging (ha!) me for the whole time. As it turns out the Tegra 3 (which is the core used by OUYA) can only handle textures of sizes that are a power of 2 (there are still GPUs that can’t handle¬†arbitrarily sized textures… go figure). Anyhow, Nifty is now running on the OUYA (the startscreen that is) although the scaling up to 1080p isn’t yet working as expected…

2013-07-04 02.06.01

A nifty development

After hours of refactoring and method-matching, the android port of Nifty has no more errors (meaning no compile-time errors; it’s far away from being playable)!

There’s still a lot to do:

  • Rewriting of all shader stuff
  • Rewriting of all shaders
  • Thinking of a good way to transport draw-specific arguments through the engine
  • much more!