a nifty release

The day has finally come. After way too many years of development, we release our nifty little game out into the word for you to play with. You can get it from steam for 6.99USD or your regional equivalent. There will also be a 10% launch discount for the following few days, just saying…

We hope you will like what we built. If you do, be so kind to leave us a review on steam and even if you don’t like it, we appreciate any constructive feedback.

a nifty 0.5 beta

Since the game has been green lit, we’ve been working mostly on the steam integration. In version 0.5, we have full support for steam cloud sync and achievements. We also incorporated user feedback concerning some visual and UI-aspects and got rid of some annoying bugs. The next version will feature some improvements to the input handling, some additional abilities for the enemies to increase diversity of behavior (even more) and whatever we get as feedback from our testers. If you want to be part of the beta program, get in touch!

A new beta release and some more nifty updates

A lot has happened since our last post so we wanted to briefly summarize what has been going on.

the first nifty let’s play

The first one to make a Let’s Play of our nifty little game is german YouTuber Daraton who made a first impressions video on v0.3 beta. We liked the video a lot and in case you haven’t seen it (and are able to understand German), we’ve embedded it below for you enjoyment.

coming through a steam pipe near you

We’re greenlit! Thanks everyone who voted for our project. There is still a lot of development (and paperwork) to do until you will be able to get the game on steam, but one thing is now (fairly) certain, that day will come!

0.4 beta

We received quite some feedback on v0.3 beta which we tried to address in full. The result is v0.4 beta. The new version includes some visual improvements such as the powerup display in the lower right corner and a new look for the walls which now corrupts as well, among other things. We also added some new powerups and weapons, polished the menus a bit and fixed some bugs. The screenshot below shows some of these changes in action:0.4 betaVersion 0.4 beta also marks the beginning of our closed beta program. If you want to be part of the program, just let us know.

That’s all for now but there is more to come soonish, so stay tuned!

a nifty beta

Today, we released version 0.3 beta! Yes, that’s right, we’re out of alpha. This means that all the functionality we consider essential to the game is now present. There will of course be further additions, especially content wise. We will also add some more stuff to the UI in order to provide better feedback on certain actions during the game and of course we strive to fix all the bugs we (or you) discover. You can download the current release from the usual place. You will notice that we bundled self-contained packages for all supported platforms instead of just having one download for all of them. This is so the game does not require you to have Java installed anymore in order to run it. So go ahead and download the new version and marvel at all the new wired and wonderful things we packed in there. If you like the game so far and have not done so yet, we would still be grateful for votes on greenlight.

a nifty green light

When we started work on our nifty little game, there was this brand new thing Valve was trying out which would enable indie developers to get their game on Steam if the community wanted it. Steam Greenlight they called it an we thought “that’s an interesting idea, once our game is mature enough, we should try that”. Today, many years later, the day has finally come. We are happy to announce our very first, very own greenlight campaign which you can find on greenlight.aniftygame.com or in the links in the top bar. We would greatly appreciate it if you could vote for us and maybe leave a comment to tell us what you think. Thank you for your support.

Also, we are currently working on a new playtest release which should be online a few weeks from now so stay tuned…

new alpha release and Fantasy Basel aftermath

Fantasy Basel 2016 is history (awesome history that is!). Thanks to everyone who showed by our little booth, playtested our game and provided some feedback. For all of you who were not able to attend or just want to play it again, we released the version we showed at the convention (minus a bug a two). As always, you can download the newest version (0.2 alpha) from our playtesting site.


a nifty 0.1 alpha

Finally, after way too much time, we present to you the first public alpha of our nifty little game. If you want to play the game we have talked about for so long, head over to our playtest site and download the latest copy. We also set up a FAQ page to answer the questions we expect you might have about the game. So please go head over, download a copy and tell us what you think.