a nifty beta

Today, we released version 0.3 beta! Yes, that’s right, we’re out of alpha. This means that all the functionality we consider essential to the game is now present. There will of course be further additions, especially content wise. We will also add some more stuff to the UI in order to provide better feedback on certain actions during the game and of course we strive to fix all the bugs we (or you) discover. You can download the current release from the usual place. You will notice that we bundled self-contained packages for all supported platforms instead of just having one download for all of them. This is so the game does not require you to have Java installed anymore in order to run it. So go ahead and download the new version and marvel at all the new wired and wonderful things we packed in there. If you like the game so far and have not done so yet, we would still be grateful for votes on greenlight.