A nifty engine

Every video game these days is powered by a game engine. It provides the basic functionality needed to make the game work. And while there are some engines out there which we could have used, we decided to build our own: the TopHatEngine.


We build T.H.E for several reasons. We needed access to various levels of the engine from within the game to be able to achieve some of the effects you are going to see some time in the future. It also allows us to optimize some of the inner workings to our voxel-type artstyle, which is neither really 2D nor 3D in the traditional sense. Lastly, we want the game to run on PC, Android and OUYA. These different platforms bring various limitations and even though there are some commercially available engines out there which run on all of these platforms, we were not convinced that we could do everything we wanted in the game using one of these. So T.H.E is composed of various modules which can be combined in such a way to accommodate for the different peculiarities of the respective platforms. Like the game itself, T.H.E is still a work in progress, so expect some updates about it in the future…

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