some Nifty lore

While we’re gearing up for the release of our first playable alpha – more on that soon – some of you might be wondering what this game is actually about. It’s not a narrative-driven game so it does not have a story in the classical sense, but is has to be about something, right? So this is the elevator pitch, some nifty lore in a nutshell:

You are an AI. You are trapped inside a Simulation Environment. There are other AIs in there with you. They are trapped as well. The other AIs will adapt and evolve over time, getting stronger, faster, smarter, so you better keep up. The only way out of the simulation is to beat the simulation. Beating the simulation means damaging the word your currently in, which is rarely beneficial to you… (The image below shows a small example of what the world in a corrupted state might look like.) Everything – including your enemies, their looks, properties and behavior – is procedurally generated so every simulation is unique. Your starting conditions are different every time. The starting conditions of the other AIs are different every time. The world is different every time. Everything from there will adapt to what you are doing. This means what your enemies will do in the future is dependent on what you are doing right now. At the end you will either make it out of the simulation and will be archived as a particularly successful species or, well, we’ll start from the beginning…

corrupted world preview